Doha - 51
Having lovinly recounted Sri Rama's catalogue of virtues, the sage Narad returned to Brahma's abode, enshrining the Ocean beauty in his heart.

Listen, Girija: (continues Lord Sankara,) "I have told you in full this holy narrative according to My own lights, The stories of Sri Rama are without number and beyond all demension. Not even the Vedas and Sarada (the goddess of speech) could recount them all. Infinite is Rama and infinite His excellences: His births, exploits and names too are endless. It may be possible to count the drops of water (in a shower of rain) or the grains of sand; but the exploits of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus) cannot be recounted in full. This sacred story enables one to reach the abode of Sri Hari; whoever hears it is blessed with unceasing devotion. Uma. (goes on Lord Siva,) I have repeated in full the delightfull story which Bhusundi recited to the king of the birds, I have thus recounted a few of Sri Rjma's virtues; let me know, Bhavani (Parvati) what am I to tell next." Uma was glad to have heared the blessed story and replied in exceedingly polite and soft accents. "I am thrice blessed, O Slayer of the demon Tripura, to have heard Sri Rama's praises, that take away the fear of birth and death. "

Doha - 52A-B
"By Your grace, O Abode of mercy, I have now attained the object of my life and have no delusion left in me. I have realized the greatness of Lord Sri Rama, who is knowledge and bliss personified. O lord of resolute mind, my soul knows no satiety as I quaff with the cups of my ears nectar-like story of Sri Rama (the Hero of raghu's line) flowing from Your moon-like mouth."

"They who fell satited with hearing the exploits of Sri Rama have little known their peculiar sapor. Even those great sages who have attained final beatitude in their very lifetime constantly hear the praise of Sri Hari. To him who seeks to cross the ocean of worldly existence, the narrative of sri Rama serves as a secure bark, Nay, the praises of Sri Hari are delightful to the ear and pleasing to the mind even of the sensualist. is there in this world anyone with ears to hear, whom the exploits of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus)do not delight Stupid are those creatures and indeed killers of their soul, whom the narrative of Sri Rama does not attract. "While You sang what You have chosen to call "the Manasa Laka of Sri Hari's explits", I listened, my lord, with boundless joy. You have just told me tht this charming story was recited by Kakabhusundi to Garuda.

Doha - 53
"Bhusundi is staunch in his dispassion and steadfast in his wisdom and realization, and cherished deep devotion to Sri Rama's feet. That on epossessing the form of a crow should be a devotee of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus)fills me with great doubt."

"Listen, O Slayer of demon Tripura: among a thousand men there is scarce one who is steadfast in his vow piety. Among ten million souls devoted to religion there may be one who is averse to the pleasures of sense and takes delight in despassion. Among ten million souls free from wordly attachment, so declare the Vedas, scarce one succeeds in acquiring perfect wisdom. Among ten million enlightened souls in this world there is hardly one who attains final beatitude even when living. Among a thousand such souls he who has not only realized his oneness with Brahma bit m,erged his identity in the Absolute and has accordingly become a fountain of all joy is rarely to be found. Of the religious, the unattached, the enlightened and the emancipathed, as well as of those merged in the Absolute, O lord of divinities, he who takes delight in devotion to Sri Rama and is free from vanity and  wiles is most difficult to find." Kindly explain to me at length, O Lord of the universe, how such a devotion to Sri was attained by crown.

Doha - 54
"Also tell me, my lord, how did Bhusundi obtain the form of a crow even though devoted to Sri Rama, steeped in wisdom, a home of virtues and resolute of mind?"

"Further tell me, O merciful lord, wherefrom did the crow get this sacred and delightful story? And also let me know how could You hear it, O Destroyer of Cupid: for all thi fills me with much inquisitivensess. garuda, again, is highly enlightened and an embodiment of virtues; moreover, he is a servant of Sri Hari (being His own mount) and lives very close to Him. Leaving a host of sages, wherefore did he approach a crow and hear Sri Rama's story from him? Further let me know how the dialogue proceeded between the crow and  Garuda (the devourer of serpents), both of whom are devotees of Sri Hari." Lord Siva rejoiced to hear the artless and welcome speech of His Consort (Gauri) and politely replied, "You are blessed indeed, O virtuous lady; your idea is holy, and you possess not a little love for the feet of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus). Therefore, listen to a most sacred story, which, when heard, puts an end to the delusion of the whole universe, engenders faith in Sri Rama's feet and enables a man to cross the ocean of worldly existence without any difficulty."

Doha - 55
The King of the birds too went and put quite similar questions to the crow. I will reverently tell you all that: listen, Uma, with an attentive mind.

Listen, O charming and bright-eyed lady, to the circumstances in which I heard this story, that delivers on from the cycle of births and deaths. You first took birth in the house of Daksa and Sati was the name you then bore. At Daksa's sacrifice you were subjected to contumely and in the heat of your indignation you gave up your life then. My servants wreched the sacrifice: you know the whole episode already. I felt much troubled at heart thereafter; for your loss had left me disconsolate, my dear. I wandered among beautiful woodlands, mountains rivers and tanks seeing sights, but found no charm anywhere. In the far north, even beyond Mount Sumeru, there stands a most lovely mountain, known by the name of Nilagiri (the Blue Mountain). It has four charming and delightful gold peacks, which gladdened my soul: on each stood one gigantic tree, a banyan, a Peepul (the sacred bo-tree), a Paksa  (the Indian fig tree)and a mango. On the top the mountain sparkled a beautiful tarn with jewelled steps, which were so enchanting to behold.

Doha - 56
Its water was cool, limpid and sweet; its lotuses abundant and many coloured Flocks of swans murmured their sweet notes and the bees made a delightful buzzing.

On that splendid mountain dwells the same bird (Kakabusundi), that outlives even the end of the world. The various good and evil phenomena created by Maya (the Cosmic Illusion), and ignorance in its varied forms such as infatuation, lust etc., which hold sway all over the universe, never touch the precincts of that mountain Now hear, uma with tender affection how the crow spends his days there in adoring Sri hari. Under the Peepul tree he practises meditation; he performs sacrifice in the form of Japa (muttering of prayers) under the Plaka; in the shade of the mango tree he offers mental worship to the Lord, having no occupation other than adoring Sri Hari; and under the banyan he narrates episodes from the story of Sri Hari, to hear which many a bird flocks there. with loving reverence he sings the various marvellous exploits of Sri Rama; the swants of pure mind, that ever dwell in that lake, all listen to the story. When I arrived there and saw the spectacle, an intense joy welled up in my heart.

Doha - 57
Then, assuming the form of a swan, I sojourned there for some length of time. And, after reverently listening to the praises of Sri Rama (the Lord of the Raghus), I returned to Kailasa.

Girija, i have thus narrated the whole episode as to when I visited the bird (Kakabhusundi) Now hear the circumstances under which Garuda(the glory of the feathered kingdom) called on the crow. When the Lord of the Raghus enacted the sport of a combat (wiht Meghanada, Ravana's son)--the very thought of which fills me with shame--and allowed Himself to be bound by Meghanada (the conqueror of Indra), the sagte Narada despatched Garuda. Whe Garuda (the devourer of serpents) had cut the bonds and departed, a terrible dejection possessed his soul. recalling the Lord's bondage, the enemy of the terrible dejection possessed his soul. Recalling the Lord's bondage, the enemy of the serpents thought over the incident in many way: "It was the all-pervading and passionless Brahma, the lord of speech, the supreme Ruler beyond Maya and eorror, who had, I was told, taken descent in this world. But I saw none of His divine glory.

Doha - 58
"The same Rama, by repeating whose Name men get freedom from the bonds of worldly existence was tied down by a puny demon with coils of snakes!"

Garuda did all he could to reassure himself; but the light of wisdom did not dawn on him; on the other hand, overshadowed his soul all the more. Torn by torments and full of mental questionings, he fell a prey to delusion just like yourself. In his perplexity he approached the celestial sage (Narada)and apprized him of the doubt that preyed upon his mind. On hearing his tale Narada was moved with great compassion and said, "Listen, Garuda: formidable is Sri Rama's Maya (delusive power); it robs even the wise of theri sense and bringing them under its sway clounds their mind with utter infatuation. The same Maya that befooled me many a time has laid its hold on you, O lord of the feathered creation. A blinding infatuation has taken root in your heart and it will not be readily eradicated by any words of mine. Therefore betake yourself to Brahma(the four-faced Creator), O lord of the winged creatures, and do whatever he enjoins you."

Doha - 59
So saying the most enlightened celestial sage went his way, chanting Sri Rama's praises and repeatedly recalling to his mind the power of Sri Hari's Maya.

The lord of the feathered creation then went to the Creator and told him his doubt. On hearing his story Brahma bowed his head to Sri Rama and realizing His might, was overwhelmed with love. The Creator mused within himself: "The seers and sages as well as the learned are all dominated by Maya. Unbounded is the power of Sri Hari's Maya, that has often made a puppet of me. The whole of this animate and inanimate creation was evolved by me; no wonder, then, that the king of the birds has been beguiled by it. " Thereupon Brahma said in charming accets, "The great Lord Siva is conversant with Sri Rama's glory Therefore, O son of Vinta, approach Lord Sankara and ask no question of anyone elsewhere, dear child, There alone will your doubts be resolved." On hearing the Creator's advice the bird flew away.

Doha - 60
Then came the lord of the feathered kingdom in utmost distress to me. At that time I was on my way to Kubera's residence; while you, Uma, were here on Mount Kailasa.

He reverently bowed his head at my feet and then placed his doubt before me. On hearing his submission, which was couched in polite terms, Bhavani, I lovingly replied to him, "Garuda you have met me on the way; how then, shall I instruct you? Doubts are wholly resolved only when one enjoys the fellowship of saints for a long time, and listens there to the delightfull story of Sri Hari, that has been sung by the sages in diverse ways and the sole theme of which--at the beginning, in the middle as well as at the end--is the divine Lord Sri Rama. I shall accordingly send you to a place where, O brother, the story of Sri Hari is recited everday; you go there and listen. As you hear it all your doubts will vanish and you will develop intense love for Sri Rama's feet."


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