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silence please

कृपया शांत रहा

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please   silence   may please see   please treat this as strictly confidential   please treat this as most urgent   please report   please discuss   estoppel by silence   silence zone   please see   please put up the cae with previous papers   required information may be please be furnished/supplied without delay   please expedite reply   please see the preceding notes   please put up precedent   due intimation may please to be sent   you will be please to know that...   please circulate   please put up a self contained summary   will you please state?   please put up with previous papers   please confirm   will you please refer to your D.O. letter No......dated....   this may please to be clarified   you may please send us the information without any further delay   please make special note of this decision   please issue reminder   please see for precedent   please refer to ......   please refer to our letter no.....dated......   please arrange to furnish   please note the requirement for   case discussed, for order please   please prepare precise of the case   please put up case file   self contained note may please be put up   relevant papers may please be put up   quantum of remuneration may please be fixed   please hand over your charge to Shri/Smt....   for orders please   please appear in person or through an agent before   please arrange to send   reminder may please be issued/sent   we shall be glad if you will please advise us of the decision   please see the case and offer your comments   please put up a self contained note   this may please be clarified   please inform.......accordingly   please reconcile the discrepancy in the entries   please treat is as most urgant   
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