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may please see

कार्यालयीन | en  mr |   | 
कृपया देखें

प्रशासन  | en  mr |   | 
कृपयाकृपा करून पहावे

कार्यदर्शिका | en  mr |   | 
कृपया पहावे

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this may please to be clarified   you may please send us the information without any further delay   self contained note may please be put up   please treat this as most urgent   reminder may be sent   as may be necessary   may be obtained   it may be pointed out that   please report   specific reason may be given   may be disposed of....   as soon as may be   it may be added that   will you please state?   please put up with previous papers   please circulate   please put up a self contained summary   will you please refer to your D.O. letter No......dated....   please refer to our letter no.....dated......   please make special note of this decision   please issue reminder   please see the case and offer your comments   please see for precedent   please refer to ......   please prepare precise of the case   please put up case file   please arrange to furnish   please note the requirement for   please confirm   case discussed, for order please   you may kindly report for duty on....   leave may be notified in the gazette   allotment during may be asked for separately   may fix   as nearly as may be   may take cognizance of   discrepancies may be reconciled   may be passed for payment   questionnaire may kindly be returned duly filled in   may be sanctioned   may not pursue the matter   cost may be debited to account   position may be explained to   waiting list may be renewed   may be waived   as the circumstances of the case may require   it may be added   we may take further action as soon as a reply is received from the party   return of the file may kindly be expedited   it may further be added   
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