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मुचुकुन्द  m. m.Pterospermum Suberifolium, [L.]
N. of a दैत्य, [L.]
of an ancient king (or मुनि), [MBh.] ; [BhP.]
of a son of मान्धातृ (who assisted the gods in their wars with the demons and was rewarded by the boon of a long and unbroken sleep), [MBh.] ; [Pur.]
of a son of यदु, [Hariv.]
of the father of चन्द्र-भाग, [Cat.]
of a poet of काश्मीर, ib.

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MUCUKUNDA   A celebrated King of the Solar dynasty.
1) Genealogy.
Descending in order from Viṣṇu-- Brahmā--Marīci--Kaśyapa--Vivasvān--Vaivasvata Manu--Ikṣvāku--Śaśāda--Purañjaya (Kakutstha)-- Anenas--Pṛthulāśva--Prasenajit--Yuvanāśva-- Māndhātā--Mucukunda. Māndhātā got three sons named Ambarīṣa, Mucukunda and Purukutsa and fifty daughters and all the fifty were married to a sage named Saubhari.
2) How Mucukunda attained salvation.
(For the story see para 72, under Indra).
3) Other details.
(i) Mucukunda had a daughter named Candramukhī. She was married to Śobhana, son of Candrasena. Once, when Śobhana came to his wife's house it was an Ekādaśī day and all were observing fasting and so Śobhana also did so. The next day Śobhana was seen lying dead. The soul of Śobhana went to the valley of the mountain of Mandara and started enjoying heavenly bliss. One day a pilgrim from the country of Mucukunda named Somaśarmā met the soul of Śobhana and coming to know that it was the son-inlaw of their King he started making enquiries about him. Śobhana then said that all his happiness was due to his observing the Ekādaśī Vrata. On hearing the gladdening news about her husband Candramukhī became happy. [Chapter 61, Bhāga 1, Padma Purāṇa] .
(ii) This Rājarṣi shines in the court of Yama. [Śloka 21, Chapter 8, Sabhā Parva] .
(iii) Once being greatly pleased with him. Kubera offered him all the worlds as gift. But Mucukunda refused to accept it saying that he would enjoy only what was earned by him by his own efforts. [Śloka 97, Chapter 132, Udyoga Parva] .
(iv) Once Mucukunda just to try the might of Kubera attacked him. The demons sent by Kubera defeated him. He then meditated on Vasiṣṭha and he was able to defeat the army of asuras of Kubera. [Śloka 4, Chapter 74, Śānti Parva] .
(v) Once Paraśurāma gave dharmopadeśa (Instruction on morality, piety etc) to Mucukunda. [Śloka 7, Chapter 143, Śānti Parva] .
(vi) Once the King of Kāmboja gave him a sword and he gave that sword to Marutta. [Śloka 77, Chapter 166, Śānti Parva] .
(vii) He believed in making gifts of cows [Śloka 25, Chapter 76, Anuśāsana Parva] .
(viii) Mucukunda hated eating flesh. [Śloka 61, Chapter 115, Anuśāsana Parva] .
(ix) Mucukunda is listed among those kings who are worthy of being remembered morning and evening. [Śloka 54, Chapter 165, Anuśāsana Parva] .

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