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वि   a.-√ 1.हाĀ.-जिहीते, to go apart, become expanded, start asunder, open, fly open, gape, yawn, [RV.]; [AV.]; [TS.]; [ŚBr.] : Caus: -हापयति, to cause to gape, open, [AV.]; [AitBr.]; [ŚBr.]
विहा  n. bind. = स्वर्ग, heaven, [Uṇ. iv, 36] Sch.
वि   c.-√ 3.हाP.-जहाति, (ind.p.-हाय See below), to leave behind, relinquish, quit, abandon, [RV.] &c. &c. (with शरीरम्, प्रा-णान् &c., ‘to abandon the body or life’, to die);
to give up, cast off, renounce, resign, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.;
to be deprived of, lose, [Ragh.]; [Sarvad.];
to get rid of or free from (acc.), [MBh.]; [R.]; [BhP.];
to desist from (abl.), [Subh.];
to stop, pause, [VarBṛS.] :
Pass.-हीयते (aor.-हायि), to be left behind, [ŚBr.];
to be inferior to (abl.), [MBh.];
to be lost, [AV.] :
Caus.-हापयति See next:
Desid.-जिहासति, to wish to leave or abandon, [HPariś.]

विहा [vihā]   ind. Heaven, paradise.
विहा [vihā]   2 P. To leave, abandon, forsake, give up; विहाय लक्ष्मीपतिलक्ष्म कार्मुकं जटाधरः सन् जुहुधीह पावकम् [Ki.1.] 44; ज्ञातास्वादो विवृतजघनां को विहातुं समर्थः [Me.43;] [R.2.4;] 5.67,73;6.7;12.12;14.48,69; [Ku.3.1.] -Caus.
To give away.
To abandon, give up.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
विहा   Ind. Aptote noun. Heaven, paradise.
E. वि, हा to abandon, Unādi aff. आ .
See also: वि - हा - आ .

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