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रेफ - rēpha

See also:  REPHA

 m  The letter र with the inherent short vowel dropped.
पुस्त्री . रफार ; र हे अक्षर . अर्ध र दर्शक चिन्ह ; अक्षराच्या डोक्यावरचे र चे अर्धवर्तुळाकृति चिन्ह . उदा० अर्क या शब्दांतील क या अक्षरावरील चिन्ह . [ सं . रिफ = कर्कश नाद करणे ]
The letter र with the inherent short vowel dropped. 2 The mark by which it is denoted, and which is placed over the letter following it.
रेफ [rēpha] a.  a. Low. vile, contemptible.
फः A burr, grating sound.
The letter र्.
Passion, affection.
A word; कण्ठे च सामानि समस्तरेफान् [Bhāg.8.2.25.]
(In prosody) A cretic (-
-).   -Comp.
-विपुला   a kind of metre.
-संधिः   the euphonic junction of र्.
रेफ  m. am. a burring guttural sound, the letter र् (as so pronounced), [Prāt.]; [ŚrS.]
a word, [BhP.]
(in prosody) a cretic (¯ ˘ ¯), [Piṅg.]
passion, affection of the mind, [L.]
रेफ  mfn. mfn. low, vile, contemptible, [L.] (cf.रेप).
रेफ   b°फस्, °फिन् See, ib.

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