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यत्  mfn. 1.mfn. (pr. p. of √ 5.) going, moving, [RV.] &c. &c. (अब्दे यति, in this year, [L.])
यत्   2.cl. 1. Ā. (prob. connected with √ यम् and orig. meaning, ‘to stretch’ [Dhātup. ii, 29]) य॑तते (Ved. and ep. also P.°ति; p.य॑तमान, य॑तान and यतान॑, [RV.]; pf.येते, 3. pl.येतिरे, ib. &c.; aor.अयतिष्ट, [Br.]; fut.यतिष्यते, [Br.], °ति, [MBh.]; inf.यतितुम्, [MBh.]; ind.p.-य॑त्य, [MBh.]), (P.)
to place in order, marshal, join, connect, [RV.];
(P. or Ā.) to keep pace, be in line, rival or vie with (instr.), ib.;
(Ā.) to join (instr.), associate with (instr.), march or fly together or in line, ib.;
to conform or comply with (instr.), ib.;
to meet, encounter (in battle), ib.; [Br.];
to seek to join one's self with, make for, tend towards (loc.), ib.;
to endeavour to reach, strive after, be eager or anxious for (with loc.dat.acc. with or without प्रति, once with gen.; also with अर्थे, अर्थाय, अर्थम् and हेतोस्ifc.; or with inf.), [Mn.]; [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.;
to exert one's self, take pains, endeavour, make effort, persevere, be cautious or watchful, ib.;
to be prepared for (acc.), [R.] :
Caus. (or cl. 10. [Dhātup. xxxiii, 62]) यात॑यति (or °ते; aor.अयीयतत्; Pass.यात्यते),
to join, unite (Ā. intrans.), [RV.];
to join or attach to (loc.) P.[PañcavBr.];
to cause to fight, [AitBr.];
to strive to obtain anything (acc.) from (abl.), [Mālav.];
(rarely Ā.) to requite, return, reward or punish, reprove (as a fault), [RV.] &c. &c. ;
(Ā.) to surrender or yield up anything (acc) to (acc. or gen.), [MBh.];
(P.Ā.) to distress, torture, vex, annoy, [BhP.];
accord. to [Dhātup.] also निकारे (others निराकारे or खेदे) and उपस्कारे:
Intens.यायत्यते and यायत्ति, ib.
यत्   a in comp. for यद्.

यत् [yat]   1 Ā. (यतते, यतित)
To attempt, endeavour, strive, try (usually with inf. or dat.); सर्वः कल्ये वयसि यतते लब्धुमर्थान् कुटुम्बी [V.3.1.]
To strive after, be eager or anxious for, long for; या न ययौ प्रियमन्यवधूभ्यः सारतरा- गमना यतमानम् [Śi.4.45;] [R.9.7.]
To exert oneself, persevere, labour.
To observe caution, be watchful; यततो ह्यपि कौन्तेय पुरुषस्य विपश्चितः [Bg.2.6.]
Ved. To excite, stir up, rouse.
To join. associate with.
To go, proceed. -Caus. (यातयति-ते) To return, rapay, requite, recompense, restore.
To despise, censure.
To encourage, animate.
To torture, distress, annoy.
To prepare, elaborate.
Ved. To join unite.
To cause to be returned or restored.
यत् [yat] a.  a. Going, moving; स्थितं च यच्च (ब्रह्मणो रूपे) [Bṛi. Up.2.3.1.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
यत् (ई) यती   r. 1st cl. (यतते) To resolve or determine in consequence of a wish or desire, to apply or endeavour strenuously, to energize, to persevere.
यत् (ई) यती   r. 10 cl. (यातयति-ते)
यत् (ई) यती   1. To distress or afflict.
यत् (ई) यती   2. To beat.
यत् (ई) यती   3. To order.
यत् (ई) यती   4. To collect, to assemble.
यत् (ई) यती   5. To work, to make or manufacture.
यत् (ई) यती   6. To prevent, to remove.
यत् (ई) यती   7. To return, to give back, to requite.
यत् (ई) यती   8. To barter or exchange.
यत् (ई) यती   9. To purify.
यत् (ई) यती   10. To encourage.
यत् (ई) यती   With निर or वि prefixed, To chastise, to punish, to inflict pain.
यत् (ई) यती   With निस् or प्रति,
यत् (ई) यती   1. To restore.
यत् (ई) यती   2. To requite.
यत्   Ind. Because as, since, wherefore, correlative of तत् thence, there- fore, &c.
E. यत् to check, to restrain, क्विप् and तुक् affs.

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