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A Sanskrit English Dictionary | sa  en |   | 
महा—देव  m. m. ‘the gr° deity’, N. of रुद्र or शिव or one of his attendant deities, [AV.] &c. &c.
See also: महा - देव
of one of the 8 forms of or Ś°, [Pur.]
of विष्णु, [MBh.]; [Hariv.]; [RāmatUp.]
दीक्षित-म्°   of various authors &c., [Cat.] (also , द्वि-वेदि-म्°; cf. below)
of a mountain, [Vās.,] Introd.
महा—देव  n. n.N. of a तन्त्र, [Cat.]; [Āryav.] (cf.शिव-तन्त्र)
See also: महा - देव

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
महादेव  m.  (-वः) ŚIVA.
 f.  (-वी) DURGĀ the wife of ŚIVA.
E. महा great, and देव god; the epithet Mahā compounded with a substantive forms many appellatives of these deities especially; thus ŚIVA is Mahākāla, Mahārūdra, Maheśwara, &c. and DURGĀ is named Mahāvidya, Mahāsmriti, Mahāmedha, Mahāmoha, &c. &c.
See also: महा - देव

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
Shiva, the third deity of the Hindú triad. 2 The board forming the upper member or handle of the Weaver's फणी or comb. This, together with the pole or cylindrical piece at the bottom, called पार्वती, compose a frame for the फणी and furnish it with the needed weight for its office of pressing and closing the woof. This comb-frame, महादेवपार्वती, is also called हात्यादांडी.

महादेव n.  भविष्यपुराण नामक ग्रंथ का कर्ता ।

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
MAHĀDEVA   Śiva. (See under Śiva).

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  Shiva.
महादेवी  f  The wife of Shiva.

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