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पाञ्चाल  mfn. mf()n. relating or belonging to or ruling over the पञ्चालs, [MBh.]; [R.] &c.
पाञ्चाल  m. m. a prince of the s ib.
बाभ्रव्य   (with ) N. of an author, [Cat.]
the country of the s [L.]
pl. the people of the s [MBh.]; [Var.] &c.
an association of 5 guilds (carpenter, weaver, barber, washerman, and shoe-maker), [L.]
पाञ्चाल  n. n. the language of the s [Cat.]

पाञ्चाल [pāñcāla] a.  a. (-ली f.) Belonging to or ruling over the Pañchālas.
लः The country of the Pañchālas.
A prince of the Pañchālas.
-लाः  m. m. (pl.)
The people of the Pañchālas.
An association of five guilds (i e. of a carpenter, weaver, barber, washerman, and shoe-maker).

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
पाञ्चाल  mfn.  (-लः-ली-लं) Belonging to, dwelling in, ruling over, &c. the country of Panchāla.
 m.  (-लः)
1. The sovereign of Panchāla. plu. The people of that country.
2. The company or association of five trades, the carpenter, weaver, barber, washerman, and shoemaker.
E. पञ्चाल the country so called, and स्वार्थे अण् aff. &c.

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
PĀÑCĀLA II   A sage. He worshipped God according to the doctrines laid down by Vāmadeva and by the blessing of God attained the Kramavibhāga in the Vedas. [Śloka 102, Chapter 342, Śānti Parva].
PĀÑCĀLA III   An ancient country of Bhārata. Draupadī, wife of the Pāṇḍavas, was the daughter of Drupada, King of Pāñcāla. (See under Drupada).

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