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परि-हार   a &c. See परि-√ हृ.
See also: परि - हार
परि-हार  m. bm. (प॑रि-) leading round, KātyŚr.
See also: परि - हार
delivering or handing over, [Nyāyam.] Sch.
shunning, avoiding, excluding, abandoning, giving up, resigning, [ŚBr.] &c. &c.
seizing, surrounding, [W.]
concealment, reserve, [MBh.] ; [Śak.]
leaving out, omission, [Sāh.]
taking away, removing, (esp.) removing by arguments, confutation, [Śaṃk.]
caution, [Car.]
contempt disrespect, [L.]
objection, [L.]
any objectionable thing or person, [W.]
इति   (in gram.) the repetition of a word (before and after cf.परि-ग्रह), [APrāt.]
(in dram.) remedying or atoning for any improper action, [Sāh.]
an extraordinary grant, exemption from taxes, immunity, [Mn.] ; [R.] ; [MārkP.] ; [Rājat.]
-स्थान   = (below), [Mn. viii, 237]
See also: स्थान
परी-ह्°   bounty, largess, [W.] (cf.)
See also: परी - ह्°
a ring, [Inscr.]

ना.  उपाय योजना करणे , काढून टाकणे , दूर करणे , दूरीकरण , नाहीसे करणे , निरसन करणे .

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. Also परिहरण n S Ex. दुजेया दोषाचें परि- हरण हि आड पडलें ॥.

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  Removing, remedying.

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