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तीर्थ  m. n. (rarely m., [MBh.]) a passage, way, road, ford, stairs for landing or for descent into a river, bathing-place, place of pilgrimage on the banks of sacred streams, piece of water, [RV.] &c.
the path to the altar between the, चात्वाल and उत्कर, [ṢaḍvBr. iii, 1]; [ĀśvŚr. iv, ix]; [ŚāṅkhŚr.]; [Lāṭy.]; KātyŚr.
a channel, iv, 8, Paddh.
अ   the usual or right way or manner, [TS.]; [ŚBr. xiv], (-, xi), KātyŚr.; [MBh. iv, 1411]
the right place or moment, [ChUp. viii]; [Anup.] &c.
advice, instruction, counsel, adviser, preceptor, [MBh. v]; [Mālav. i, 12/13]; [Kir. ii, 3]
certain lines or parts of the hand sacred to the deities, [Mn. ii]; [Yājñ.] &c.
an object of veneration, sacred object, [BhP.]
a worthy person, [Āp.]; [Mn. iii, 130]; [MBh.] &c.
a person worthy of receiving anything (gen.), [MānGṛ. i, 7]
N. of certain counsellors of a king (enumerated in [Pañcat. iii, 67/68]), [MBh. ii, 171]; [Ragh. xvii]; [Śiś. xiv]
तीर्थ   one of the ten orders of ascetics founded by शंकराचार्य (its members add the word to their names)
a brāhman, [Uṇvṛ.]
दर्शन   = , [L.]
the vulva, [L.]
a woman's courses, [L.]
fire, [Uṇvṛ.]
निदान   = , ib.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
तीर्थ  mn.  (-र्थः-र्थं)
1. Sacred science, or any of the branches of knowlege esteemed holy.
2. A holy place of pilgrimage, as Benares, &c. but es- pecially particular sports along the course of sacred streams, as the Ganges, &c. and in the vicinity of some piece of water or sacred springs. 3. Any piece of water.
4. A Ghat or stairs of a landing place.
5. A sacred preceptor, a Guru.
6. Sacrifice.
7. An A vatar or descent of a diety.
3. A school of philosophy, a Darsana a sect.
9. A coun- sellor, an adviser.
10. An expedient, a means of success.
11. The menses.
12. Pudendum muliebre.
13. A vessel.
14. A royal vessel. 15. Brahman.
16. Ascertainment of disease.
17. Fire.
18. A part of the hand sacred to any deity, as between the thumb and finger to the manes, the root of the thumb to BRAMHA, &c.
E. तॄ to pass over, थक् Unadi affix; by which persons are extricated from sin, difficulty, &c.
See also: तॄ - थक्

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
Used where a person will listen to no warning or caution.

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
TĪRTHA   A holy place. Even from very ancient times the people of Bhārata believed in the sacredness of holy places and they considered a pilgirmage to holy places as a part and parcel of their life. Almost all the Purāṇas have praised the greatness of holy places. It is not true that all those who visit holy places and bathe in the sacred ponds there would get salvation. In [Chapter 11 of Padma Purāṇa] it is stated thus: He would get salvation whose limbs, mind, knowledge, austerity and fame are under his own control. He who lives clean in body, without egoism, contented and never accepting gifts for services done would get salvation by visiting holy places. He who would fast if he did not get food, whose organs of sense are all under control would get salvation if he visits holy places. He who is righteous, free from anger, treats all animate objects like himself would get salvation if he visits holy place. Once the great sage Cyavana told Prahlāda thus: “Only those who are pure in heart would get the benefit of visiting sacred places. It is a sin for others to do pilgrimage. The banks of Gaṅgā are crowded with villages and cities. Many types of people like Parayas, Fishermen, Vaṅgas, Khasas, Huns and Mlecchas live there. They bathe in the holy river and drink the holy water, but they do not get salvation because their mind and heart are not clean.” [4th Skandha, Devī Bhāgavata].

तीर्थ-तीर्थयात्रा करणें
गंगादि तीर्थास जाऊन स्‍नानादि यात्राविधि करणें
तीर्थाच्या ठिकाणी श्राद्धे करणें.
तीर्थास भेट देणें.

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
  A holy place. A holy stream; holy water तीर्थी गेल्यावाचून मुंडण होत नाहीं (There is no learning without some rough experience.) Used where a person will listen to no warning. Also, there is no gain without labour.

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