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औदुम्बर  mfn. mf()n. (in class. Sanskṛt commonly written औडु°) (fr.उद् [ड्] उम्ब॑र), coming from the tree उदुम्बर or Ficus Religiosa, made of its wood, [AV.]; [ŚBr.]; [Mn. ii, 45]; [Yājñ.]; [MBh.] &c.
made of copper, [SāmavBr. ii, 5, 3]
औदुम्बर  m. m. a region abounding in उदुम्बर trees, [Kāś.] on [Pāṇ. 4-2, 67]
a kind of worm, [Car.]
N. of यम
औदुम्बर  m. m. pl.N. of a race, [MBh.]
औदुम्बर  m. m. of a class of ascetics, [Hariv. 7988]; [BhP. iii, 12, 43]
औदुम्बर  n. n. an उदुम्बर wood, KātyŚr.
a piece of उदुम्बर wood, [PārGṛ.]
the fruit of the उदुम्बर tree, [AitBr.]
a kind of leprosy, [Suśr.]
copper, [L.]

औदुम्बर [audumbara] a.  a. (-री f.) [उदुम्बर-अञ्]
Made of, or coming from, the Udumbara tree.
Made of copper; पात्रमौदुम्बरं गृह्य [Mb.13.125.82.]
-रः   [P.IV.2.67.]
N of a region abounding in Udumbara trees.
A form of Yama, the god of death.
Made of copper.
A class of ascetics solely living on whatever fruits they see first early in the morning; [Bhāg.3.12.43.]
-री   A branch of the Udumbara tree.
रम् The wood of the Udumbara tree.
The Udumbara fruit.
A kind of leprosy.
Copper or a copper-vessel; [Mb.5.4.1.]

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
AUDUMBARA   The King of the state of Udumbara. This king once paid respects to emperor Yudhiṣṭhira and gave him several presents and gifts. [Śloka 12, Chapter 53, Sabhā Parva, M.B.].

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