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मारुती स्तोत्रे - प्रस्तावना

मारुती स्तोत्रे - प्रस्तावना

हनुमान वायुपुत्र आहे, त्यामुळे त्याच्यात प्रचंड शक्ति आहे. हनुमान म्हणजे स्वामिभक्ती, परमभक्तीचे प्रतीक आहे.

हनुमान अंजनेचा पुत्र म्हणून त्याचे नाव अंजनेय आहे. हनुमान जन्मल्यावर लगेचच, सूर्याला फळ समजून खाण्यासाठी

त्याने उड्डान केले असता इंद्राने आपले वज्र फेकून मारले ते त्याला हनुवटीला लागले, तेव्हा त्याचे नाव हनुमान पडले. विश्वातील पाच चिरंजीवांपैकी एक हनुमान आहे.( चिरंजीव म्हणजे ज्याला कधीही मरण नाही.)

रावणाने सीतेला पळवून नेल्यावर सीतेचा शोध लावण्यापासून ते रामाने रावणाचा पराभव करेपर्यंत मारुतीने रामाला मदत केली.

जेव्हा मनुष्याला शनीची पिडा असते, तेव्हा मारुतीस्तोत्र वाचावे.मारुती पूर्ण ब्रह्मचारी आहे.हनुमान बलदेवता आहे.

Hanuman is son of a wind god Vayu

Hanuman is enormously strong, has magic powers, and is a skilled healer, but his greatest quality is said

to be his devotion to Rama.

Hanuman is the Divine example of pure devotion and service.

Hanuman means: The one who is the manifested existence of the Supreme God who dwells within all.

Hanuman is known by various other names. Amongst them: Anjaneya, Anjaniputra,Bajarangbali, Maruti, Pavanputra.

Hanuman, the great monkey hero, also called Maruti, assists Rama in his battle with Ravana to rescue Sita, who had been kidnapped by Ravana. Hanuman symbolizes the qualities of an ideal devotee of God,

After his coronation, following victory in the battle with Ravana, Rama distributed gifts to all those who had assisted him in his battle with Ravana. Turning towards Hanuman, Rama said, "There is nothing I can give you that would match the service you have rendered to me. All I can do is to give you my own self." Upon hearing these words, Hanuman stood by Rama, in all humility, with hands joined together in front of his (Hanuman's) mouth, and head slightly bent in the pose of service for Rama. To this day, this picture of Hanuman, as a humble devotee of the Lord, is the most popular among the admirers and worshippers of Hanuman.

The worship of Hanuman, symbolizes the worship of the Supreme Lord, for acquiring knowledge, physical and mental strength, truthfulness, sincerity, selflessness, humility, loyalty, and profound devotion to the Lord. Since Hanuman is the son of Vayu (the God of wind he lives within all creatures as the Life-giving Breath



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