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Vouchers in support of expnditure exceeding Rs. 50

५० रूपयांपेक्षा जास्त खर्चाच्या बाबींच्या पुष्ट्यर्थ प्रमाणके

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support   Vouchers in support of expnditure exceeding Rs. 50   in support of.....   Vouchers exceeding Rs. 200   supporting vouchers   government are pleased to approve of your proposal for the purchase of at a total cost not exceeding rs.   lateral support   ex-vouchers   hidden image (as on Rs. 500 note)   incorporation of vouchers   Objected to Rs. ---- for cant of detailed bill   Pay order on vouchers   Payments not supported by final vouchers   total pay should not exceed Rs......   Paid vouchers   not exceeding a period of   Pay Rs.   Monhly account supported by requisite schedules, vouchers, etc.   Vouchers of permanant advance should be recouped   total emoulments work out to Rs.......   received rupees (Rs) only being the cost of tender form   all claims shall be supported by the necessary vouchers   net amount payable rs   Pay Rs. ---- by transfer credit to post office   qualified support   line support   Jenny pole support   glass support rod   free support   price support policy   container and support   agricultural price support policy   minimum support price   investment-cum-speculative support   price support price   support a suit   cash compensatory support   Acquittance in support of payments should be obtained   angle support   support moment   raking support   speculation-cum-investment support   documentary support   wire support   plate support   support the title   bull support   all round support   support point   Accepted for Rs. .... for debit to the following head of account   book support   diatomaceous earth support   investment-cum-speculative support   
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