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speculation-cum-investment support

सट्टा व निवेश समर्थन

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cum   planned investment   speculation-cum-investment support   investment bank   investment banking   over investment   investment goods   unit investment trust   return on investment   death-cum-retirement benefits   documentary support   wire support   plate support   production cum sale   Government Industrial cum Technical High School   entrepreneurial investment   Female Field Worker cum Computer   realised investment/saving   Surveyor cum Draftsman   investment ledger   Purchase cum Store Officer   Protocol cum Security Officer   Cashier cum Godown Keeper   Organiser cum Recreational Assistant   investment cost index   cycle of investment   Clerk cum Cashier   trial cum demonstration centre   Librarian cum Information Assistant   Non-contributory Indian Railway Conference Association Employees Provident Fund Investment account   Milker cum Cleaner   Special District Inspector of Land Records cum Instructor   Live Stock Supervisor-cum-Laboratory Assistant   split-level investment trust   Programme cum Script Writer   Deat-cum-retirement gratuity   initial investment   Typist cum Filing Clerk   Photographer cum Draftsman   investment surcharge   seniority-cum-merit principle of promotion   permanent investment   Department of External Investment and Operations   Trial-cum-demonstration farm   ego investment   Rector cum Superintendent   humped investment   Grant of loan-cum-subsidy   shuffling relative investment   investment in shares   
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