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श्लोक  m. m. (prob. connected with √ 1.श्रु, [R. i, 2, 33] gives a fanciful derivation fr.शोक, ‘sorrow’, the first श्लोक having been composed by वाल्मीकि grieved at seeing a bird killed) sound, noise (as of the wheels of a carriage or the grinding of stones &c.), [RV.]
a call or voice (of the gods), ib.
fame renown, glory, praise, hymn of praise, ib.; [AV.] ; [TS.] ; [Br.] ; [BhP.]
a proverb, maxim, [MW.]
a stanza, (esp.) a partic. kind of common epic metre (also called अनु-ष्टुभ्q.v.; consisting of 4 पादs or quarter verses of 8 syllables each, or 2 lines of 16 syllables each, each line allowing great liberty except in the 5th, 13th, 14th and 15th syllables which should be unchangeable as in the following scheme, 8. 1. 8-8., the dots denoting either long or short; but the 6th and 7th syllables should be long; or if the 6th is short the 7th should be short also), [ŚBr.] ; [KauṣUp.] ; [MBh.] &c.
N. of a सामन्, [ĀrṣBr.]

श्लोकः [ślōkḥ]   [श्लोक्-अच्]
Praising in verse, extolling.
A hymn or verse of praise.
Celebrity, fame, renown, name; as in पुण्यश्लोक q. v.; वैदेहि तावदमलो भुवनेषु पुण्यः श्लोकः प्रशस्तचरितैरुपगीयतां ते [Mv.7.26;] उत्तमश्लोक˚ [Bhāg.2.1.9.]
An object of praise.
A proverb or saying.
A stanza or verse in general; श्लोकत्वमापद्यत यस्य शोकः [R.14.7;] समक्षरैश्चतुर्भिर्यः पादैर्गीतो महर्षिणा । सोऽनुव्याहरणाद्- भूयः शोकः श्लोकत्वमागतः ॥ [Rām.1.2.4.]
A stanza or verse in the Anuṣṭubh metre.
The dear and beloved people (इष्टमित्र ?); यथा ह वै पदेनानुविन्देदेवं कीर्तिं श्लोकं विन्दते [Bri. Up.1.4.7.] -Comp.
-कारः   a composer of Ślokas; [P.III.2.23.]
-भू a.  a. appearing in sound; [Ait. Ār.]

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श्लोक  m.  (-कः)
1. A verse, a stanza.
2. A stanza written in Anush- [Page737-b+ 60] ṭubh metre.
3. Praising, praise.
4. An object of praise.
5. A pro- verb, a saying.
6. Fame, celebrity.
E. श्लोक् to compose, (as veses,) aff. अच्; according to the Rāmāyaṇa, irrly. derived from शोक sorrow: the first verse ever composed, having been the involun- tary expression of VĀLMĪKI'S grief at beholding a bird killed by a fowler.

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
A verse, a stanza, a quantity of two lines.

 पु. १ पद्य ; कविता ; विशिष्ट प्रकारची पद्यरचना . २ स्तुति ; कीर्ति . उदा० सुश्लोक ; पुण्यश्लोक . [ सं . श्लोक् ‍ = जुळणें ]

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