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श्री-मती  f. f.N. of one of the मातृs attendant on स्कन्द, [MBh.]
of various women (esp. of the mother of माधवाचार्य), [Buddh.] ; [Cat.]

श्रीमती n.  सृंजय राजा की कन्या दमयन्ती का नामान्तर (दमयन्ती २. देखिये) । पौराणिक साहित्य में इसके संबंध में एक चमत्कृतिपूर्ण कथा दी गयी है । एक बार इसके प्रति नारद एवं उसके मित्र पर्वत को धोखा दे कर विष्णु ने इसका हरण किया, जिस कारण वे दोनों विष्णु की उपासना छोड़ कर शिवोपासक बन गये [लिंग. २.५] ;[अ. रा. ४] ;[शिव रुद्र २.४]

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ŚRĪMATĪ I   A Gandharva maid. In [Kamba Rāmāyaṇa, Yuddhakāṇḍa] there is a story associating this Gandharva maid with the churning of the ocean of milk:- A Gandharva maid named Śrīmatī who had acquired incomparable proficiency in music used to sing hymns in praise of Lakṣmīdevī. Devī appeared before her and presented a garland of Kalpaka flowers to Śrīmatī. As she was returning with the garland, she met sage Durvāsas on the way. She offered the garland to him. Durvāsas who reached Devaloka with the garland gave it to Indra. Indra used it for adorning the tusk of Airāvata. Airāvata who was annoyed at it threw it away in a fury. Durvāsas took it as a personal insult to him and in his rage cursed all the gods to be subjected to the infirmities of old age. It is to save them from the effects of old age that the ocean of milk was churned to obtain Amṛta. (For more details see under Amṛta).
ŚRĪMATĪ II   A woman follower of Subrahmaṇya. [M.B. Śalya Parva, Chapter 45, Verse 3] .

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