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   { rukmāṅgada }
Script: Devanagari


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Father of a Vaiṣṇavite named Dharmāṅgada. This Rukmāṅgada was the son of Ṛtadhvaja, the King of the city of Vidiśā. (See under Dharmāṅgada).
RUKMĀṄGADA I   A son of Śalya the King of Madra. Mention is made in [Mahābhārata, Ādi Parva, Chapter 185, Stanza 14] , that this Rukmāṅgada, the brother of Rukmaratha, attended the Svayaṁvara (marriage) of Draupadī.


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रुक्माङ्गद  mfn. mfn. wearing a golden bracelet on the upper arm, [L.]
रुक्माङ्गद  m. m.N. of various men, [MBh.] ; [Hit.] ; [Cat.]

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