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चक्रिक  m. m. a discus-bearer, [Buddh.]; [L.]
°क्रक   (= ) Dolichos biflorus, [Npr.]

चक्रिकः [cakrikḥ]   A discus-bearer.
का A heap, troop.
A fraudulent device.

चक्रिक n.  एक व्याध । यह मातृपितृभक्त एवं विष्णु भक्त था । विष्णु को फलोपहार अर्पण करने के पहले, यह स्वयं एक एक फल चख रहा था । उससे से एक फल इसके गले में अटक गया । वह फल विष्णु को अर्पण करने के लिये, इसने अपनी गर्दन स्वयं काट ली । विष्णु ने इसे जीवित कर, दर्शन दिया । बाद में, द्वारकाक्षेत्र में मृत्यु होने के कारण, इसको मुक्त मिल गयीं [पद्म. क्रि. १६]

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CAKRIKA   A forest hunter. The following story is told about him in [Chapter 16, Kriyāyoga of the Padma Purāṇa]. Devoted much to his parents, Cakrika was a great devotee of Viṣṇu. He used to worship Viṣṇu daily with fruits, (edible) roots etc. But, he did so only after himself tasting them. One day while thus tasting a fruit, somehow or other it got itself lodged in his throat, and all his attempts to dislodge it failed. The fruit had to be, at any rate, offered to Viṣṇu and therefore Cakrika drew his sword and cut his throat with it. Lord Viṣṇu who was so pleased at such great devotion of the man appeared on the scene and brought him back to life. Sometime afterwards Cakrika expired at the Dvārakā temple, and thus attained salvation.

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