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गणेश  m. am. (= °ण-नाथ) N. of the god of wisdom and of obstacles (son of शिव and पार्वती, or according to one legend of पार्वती alone; though गणेश causes obstacles he also removes them; hence he is invoked at the commencement of all undertakings and at the opening of all compositions with the words नमो गणे-शाय विघ्ने-श्वराय; he is represented as a short fat man with a protuberant belly, frequently riding on a rat or attended by one, and to denote his sagacity has the head of an elephant, which however has only one tusk; the appellation गणेश, with other similar compounds, alludes to his office as chief of the various classes of subordinate gods, who are regarded as शिव's attendants; cf.[RTL. pp. 48, 62, 79, 392, 440]; he is said to have written down the [MBh.] as dictated by व्यास, [MBh. i, 74 ff.]; persons possessed, by गणेश are referred to, [Yājñ. i, 270 ff.])
N. of शिव, [MBh. iii, 1629]
गण-पुंगव   = , [VarBṛ. xiii, 8]
विद्येश  m. m. pl. (= or °श्वर) a class of सिद्धs (with शैवs), [Hcat. i, 11, 857 ff]
N. of a renowned astronomer of the 16th century
of a son of राम-देव (author of a Comm. on [Nalôd.])
of a son of विश्वनाथ-दीक्षित and grandson of भावराम-कृष्ण (author of a Comm. called चिच्चन्द्रिका)
 m. m. (with जैनs) a disciple who is put in charge of a few others.
गणेश   b See s.v.गण॑.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
गणेश  m.  (-शः)
1. A name of SIVA.
2. GANESA, the son of SIVA and PARVATI; he is the deity of wisdom, and remover of obstacles, whence in the commencement of all undertakings, the opening of all compositions. &c. he receives the reverential homage of the Hindus. He is represented as a short fat man with the head of an elephant; and the persent appellation, with other similar compounds, alludes to his office as chief of the various classes of subordinate gods, who are regarded as SIVA'S attendants.
E. गण a troop or class (of deities attendant upon SIVA,) and ईश lord or master.
See also: गण - ईश

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
is the standard of comparison or reference for an eminent writer or composer; as बृहस्पति is for an eloquent speaker, मारुति or हनुमान् for a runner or leaper, भीमसेन or दुर्वास for a glutton, कुंभकर्ण for a sleepyhead, कदर्यु for a miser, कर्ण or बली for a man of generosity.

गणपति पहा. गणेशटोपी घालणें
मागून हळूच येऊन एखाद्याच्या तोंडावर वस्‍त्र टाकून आवळणें व मग त्‍याला बुकलणें. हा खेळ वांईस खेळतात. काशीसहि नवीन विद्यार्थी संस्‍कृत शिकावयास आला असतां त्‍याचा चिडखोरपणा काढून टाकण्याकरितां व सर्वांशी समरस करून घेण्याकरितां एकदां त्‍याची कानटोपी त्‍याच्या डोळ्यावरून खाली ओढून त्‍यास दिसेनासे झाले म्‍हणजे खूप बुकलीत असत व या दिव्यांतून तो बाहेर पडला म्‍हणजे त्‍यास आपल्‍या संगतीत घेत असत. १. मूढ बनविणें
चेष्‍टा करणें. २. फसविणें

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  A deity-the son of शिव & पार्वती.

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