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GANESHA , s. (Son of Siva and Pārvatī, the god of wisdom, and remover of difficulties and obstacles, addressed at the commencement of all undertakings, and at the open- ing of all compositions. He is called
‘Ganesha,’ as presiding over the troop of deities attendant on Siva) गणेशः, गणनाथः, गणाधिपः, गणनायकः, गणपतिःm., गणाग्रणीःm. गणः, हेमाङ्गः, हेरम्बः, हस्तिमल्लः,
(As remover of obstacles) विघ्नेशः, विघ्नराजः, विघ्ननाशकः -शनः, विघ्नविनायकः, विनायकः,विघ्नहारीm. (न्). —
(Elephant-faced) गजाननः, गजवदनः, गजास्यः. —
(Elephant-toothed) गजदन्तः. —
(One-toothed) एकदन्तः. —
(Big-bellied) लम्बोदरः. —
(Two-bodied) द्विदेहः. —
(Having two mothers) द्वैमातुरः.
(As having a rat for his vehicle, or attended by this animal as an emblem of sagacity) मूषिकाङ्कः, मूषिकाञ्चनः,मूषिकवाहनः.

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