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कालिका  f. af. blackness or black colour, [L.]
ink or blacking, [L.]
a dark spot, rust, [VarBṛS.]
a fault or flaw in gold, [L.]
change of complexion, [L.]
the liver Comm. on [Yājñ.]
a particular blood-vessel in the ear, [Suśr.]
the line of hair extending from the pudenda to the navel, [L.]
a multitude of clouds, [R. ii] ; [Ragh. xi, 15]
snow, [L.]
fog, [L.]
the female of the bird अङ्गारक, [Pat.]
a female crow, [L.]
श्यामा   the female of the bird Turdus macrourus (commonly ), [L.]
a scorpion, [L.]
a small worm or animalcule formed by the fermentation of milk, [L.]
N. of several plants (वृश्चिक-पत्त्र, Valerianaजटामांसी, a kind of Terminalia, a branch of Trichosanthes dioeca), [L.]
a kind of fragrant earth, [L.]
a N. or form of दुर्गा, [L.]
a girl of four years old who personates the goddess दुर्गा at a festival held in honour of that deity, [L.]
a kind of female genius, [MBh. ii, 457] ; [Hariv. 9532]
one of the mothers in स्कन्द's retinue, [MBh. ix, 2632]
N. of a विद्याधरी, [Kathās. cviii, 177]
of a किंनरी, [L.]
of a योगिनी, [L.]
of an attendant of the fourth अर्हत्, [Jain.]
of a river, [MBh. iii, 8534]
कालिका   1. (f. of 1.कालकq.v.)
कालिका  f. 2.f. to be paid monthly (as interest, वृद्धि).
कालिका   b See p. 277, col. 3.

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
pop. कालिकाई f A form of Párvatí or Durgá.

 स्त्री. पार्वतीचें एक स्वरुप बंगाल्यांत हिची पुजा करतात . ( सं .)

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
KĀLIKĀ   A female attendant of Skanda. [Śalya Parva, Chapter 46, Verse 14] .

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