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A Sanskrit English Dictionary | sa  en |   | 
परो—ऽक्ष  mfn. mf()n. (°रो॑-) beyond the range of sight, invisible, absent, unknown, unintelligible, [AV.] &c. &c.
past, completed (in a partic. sense cf. below and, [Kāś.] on [Pāṇ. 3-2, 115])
(ibc.) in an invisible or imperceptible manner (cf. below)
परो—ऽक्ष  m. m. an ascetic, [L.]
N. of a son of अनु, [BhP.]

परोक्ष [parōkṣa]   a.
Out of or beyond the range of sight, invisible, escaping observation.
Absent; स्थाने वृता भूपतिभिः परोक्षैः [R.7.13.]
Secret, unknown, stranger; परोक्षमन्मथो जनः [Ś.2.19;] 'a stranger to the influence of love'; परोक्षार्थस्य दर्शकम् [H. Pr.1.]
-क्षः   An ascetic.
क्षम् Absence, invisibility.
(In gram.) Past time or tense (not witnessed by the speaker); परोक्षे लिट् [P.III.2.115.] Note: The acc. and loc. singulars of परोक्ष (i. e. परोक्षं, परोक्षे) are used adverbially in the sense of 'in one's absence', 'out of sight', 'behind one's back', with or without a gen.: परोक्षे च खलीकर्तुं शक्यते न ममाग्रतः [Mk.2;] परोक्षे कार्यहन्तारं प्रत्यक्षे प्रियवादिनम् (त्यजेत्) [Chāṇ.18;] नोदाहरेदस्य नाम परोक्षमपि केवलम् [Ms.2.119]-Comp.
-अर्थ a.  a. having a secret meaning.
-कृता   a hymn in which a deity is spoken of in the third person.-जित् a. victorious in an imperceptible manner. -बुद्धिa. indifferent to.
-भोगः   enjoyment of anything in the absence of the owner.
-वृत्ति a.  a. living out of sight. (-त्तिः f.) an unseen or obscure life.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
परोक्ष  mfn.  (-क्षः-क्षा-क्षं)
1. Invisible, imperceptible.
2. Absent.
3. Past. m. (-क्षः) An ascetic, a religious hermit.
 n.  (-क्षं)
1. Invisibility, absence, secrecy.
2. (In Grammar,) Past time or tense.
E. पर before, उक्ष् to sprinkle, aff. क; or पर away, अक्षि the eye, form irr.

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
Behind one's back; in the absence of. Used by the ignorant in the sense In the presence of; and अपरोक्ष is created to express In the absence of.
parōkṣa a S Invisible or unseen.

परोक्ष n.  (सो. अनु.) भागवत के अनुसार, अनु राजा के तीन पुत्रों में से कनिष्ठ (पराक्ष देखिये) ।

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
PAROKṢA   A King of Candravaṁśa. [9th Skandha, Bhāgavata].

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
ad   Behind one's back.

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