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निर्—भेद  mfn. 1.mf()n. uninterrupted, [Hariv.]
निर्-°भेद  m. 2.m. breaking asunder, splitting, bursting (trans. and intrans.), [R.]; [Suśr.]
split, rent, channel (of a river), [Hariv.]
betraying, revealing, [Mālav. iv, 1/2.]

निर्भेद [nirbhēda]   1 Bursting, dividing, splitting asunder.
A split, rent.
Disclosure, betrayal.
Explicit mention or declaration; निर्भेदादृतेऽपि मालविकायामयमुपन्यासः शङ्कयति [M.4.]
The bed of a river.
Determination of an affair, event.
Destruction; पृथिव्याश्चापि निर्भेदो दृष्ट एव सनातनः [Rām.1.4.4.]

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