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ज्योतिष - jyōtiṣa

See also:  JYOTIṢA(M)

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 न. १ ज्योति : शास्त्र ; ग्रहांची गति जाणण्याचीं विद्या ; सामुद्रिक व ग्रहज्योतिष . २ ज्योतिषाचा उद्योग व धंदा ; जोशीपणाची वृत्ति ; जोसकी . [ सं . ]
०चक्र  न. नक्षत्रगोल . [ सं . ]
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Astronomy or astrology. 2 The profession, situation, or office of astronomer.
ना.  खगोलशास्त्र , ज्योतिषशास्त्र , फलज्योतिष , भविष्यकथन , रमलविद्या .
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ज्योतिष [jyōtiṣa] a.  a. (-षी f.) [ज्योतिः सूर्यादिगत्यादिकं प्रतिपाद्यतयाऽ स्त्यस्य अच्]
Astronomical or astrological.
-षः   An astronomer or astrologer.
षम् Astronomy, astrology, the science of the course of the heavenly bodies and divisions of time resting thereon; कलामात्रा- विशेषज्ञाञ् ज्योतिषे च परं गतान् [Rām.7.94.7.]
One of the six Vedāṅgas (being a short tract on astronomy).-Comp.
-विद्या   astronomical or astrological science.
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ज्योतिष  m. m. an astronomer, [Buddh.]; [L.]
the sun, [Gal.]
a particular magical formula for exorcising the evil spirits supposed to possess weapons, [R. i, 30, 6]
ज्योतिष  n. n. (g.उक्था-दि) the science of the movements of the heavenly bodies and divisions of time dependant thereon, short tract for fixing the days and hours of the Vedic sacrifices (one of the 6 kinds of वेदाङ्ग texts), [Āp.]; [MuṇḍUp. i, 1, 5]; [MBh.] xiif. &c.

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