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खलु  n. ind. (as a particle of asseveration) indeed, verily, certainly, truly, [R.] ; [Śak.] &c.
(as a continuative particle) now, now then, now further, [RV. x, 34, 14] ; [TS.] &c.; (as a particle in syllogistic speech) but now, = Lat.atqui[TBr.] ; [ŚBr.] &c.
खलु   ([ is only exceptionally found at the beginning of a phrase; it is frequently combined with other particles, thus अ॑थ ख्°, उ ख्°, वै॑ ख्°, ख्° वै॑, = now then, now further, [TS.] ; [TBr.] ; [ŚBr.] &c.; in later Sanskṛt frequently does little more than lay stress on the word by which it is preceded, and is sometimes merely expletive; it is also a particle of prohibition (in which case it may be joined with the ind.p. [खलु कृत्वा, ‘desist from doing that’] [Nir. i, 5] [also °तम्] [Pāṇ. 3-4, 18] ; [Śiś. ii, 70] ); or of endearment, conciliation, and inquiry, [L.] ; न खलु, by no means, not at all, indeed not, [R. &c.] ])

खलु [khalu]   ind. A particle implying: (a)
Certainly, surely, verily, indeed; मार्गे पदानि खलु ते विषमीभवन्ति [Ś.4.15;] अनुत्सेकः खलु विक्रमालङ्कारः [V.1;] न खल्वनिर्जित्य रघुं कृती भवान् [R.3.51.] (b) Now, now then, now further; [Rv.1.34.14.]
Entreaty, conciliation ('pray'); न खलु न खलु बाणः सन्निपात्योयमस्मिन् [Ś.1.1;] न खलु न खलु मुग्धे साहसं कार्यमेतत् [Nāg.3.]
Inquiry; न खलु तामभिक्रुद्धो गुरुः [V.3.] (= किं अभिक्रुद्धो गुरुः); न खलु विदितास्ते तत्र निवसन्तश्चाणक्य- हतकेन [Mu.2;] न खलूग्ररुषा पिनाकिना गमितः साऽपि सुहृद्गतां गतिम् [Ku.4.24.]
Prohibition (with gerunds); निर्धारितेऽथ लेखेन खलूक्त्वा खलु वाचिकम् [Śi.2.7.]
Reason (for); न विदीर्ये कठिनाः खलु स्त्रियः [Ku.4.5.] (G. M. cites this as an illustration of विषाद or dejection); विधिना जन एष वञ्चितस्त्वदधीनं खलु देहिनां सुखम् 4.1.
खलु is sometimes used as an expletive.
Sometimes only to add grace to the sentence (वाक्यालङ्कार); [Bṛi. Up.1.3.6.]

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खलु   ind.
1. A particle of prohibition.
2. An expletive.
3. An expres- sion of endearment or conciliation.
4. An expression indicating inquiry.
5. An expression of asseveration or ascertainment, (certainly, indeed.)
6. Only. खल् to gather, affix .

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KHALU   A river of ancient India. [M.B. Bhīṣma Parva, Chapter 9, Stanza 28] .

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