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कुल्य  mfn. 1amf()n. relating to a family or race, [Bhartṛ. iii, 24] (ifc.), [BhP. vii, 6, 12; x, 57, 1] (cf.राज-क्°)
belonging to a congregation or corporation, [W.]
of good family, well-descended, [Pāṇ. 4-1, 140]
कुल्य  m. m. a respectable man, [L.]
N. of a teacher (the pupil of पौष्पञ्जि), [BhP. xii, 6, 79]
कुल्य  n. n. friendly inquiry after family affairs or domestic accidents (condolence, congratulation, &c.), [W.]
कुल्य   1b 1. कुल्या॑. See कु॑ल.
कुल्य  mfn. 2.mfn. (fr.2.कुल्या॑), presiding over a river (as a deity), [VS. xvi, 37.]
कुल्य  n. 3.n. a receptacle for bones (left from a burnt corpse), [MBh. i, 150, 13] ; [Hariv. 2098]
a bone, [L.]
flesh, [L.]
a winnowing basket, [L.]
a measure of eight द्रोणs, [L.]

कुल्य [kulya] a.  a. [कुल-यत्]
Relating to a family, race, or corporation.
-ल्यः   A respectable man. ˚मातृबन्धुकुल्यगुणवत् सामन्तानामन्यतमेन˚ [Kau.A.1.17.]
-ल्यम् 1   Friendly inquiry after family affairs (condolence, congratulation &c.).
A bone; 'अस्थि कुल्यं स्यात्' Ratna.; [Mv.2.16.]
A winnowing basket.
ल्या A virtuous woman.
A small river, canal, stream; कुल्याम्भोभिः पवनचपलैः शाखिनो धौतमूलाः [Ś.1.15;] कुल्येवोद्यानपादपान् [R.12.3,7.49;] [U.3.23,] शाल्यर्थं कुल्याः प्रणीयन्ते Mbh. on [P.III.6.5.]
A dike, trench.
A measure of grain equal to 8 droṇas.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
कुल्य  mfn.  (-ल्यः-ल्या-ल्यं)
1. Of a good family, well-born, well descended. 2. Of or relating to a family or race.
 m.  (-ल्यः) A counsellor.
 f.  (-ल्या)
1. A river in general.
2. A canal, a channel for irrigation. 3. A ditch, a dyke or trench.
4. A drug or medicinal plant, (Cel- tis orientalis:) see जीवन्ती.
5. A chaste or virtuous woman,
 n.  (-ल्यं) 1. A bone.
2. A measure of eight Dronas: see द्रोण
3. A win- nowing basket.
4. Flesh.
5. Friendly inquiry after family affairs or domestic accidents, condolence, congratulation, &c.
E. कुल् to accumulate, and यत् affix, &c.

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KULYA   A Ṛṣi who belonged to the line of disciples of Vyāsa. [Bhāgavata, 12th Skandha] .

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