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कला°प  m. am. (कला-प, fr.आप्) ‘that which holds single parts together’, a bundle, band (cf.जटा-क्°, मुक्ता-क्°, रशना-क्°), [MBh.]; [Kum.] &c.
a bundle of arrows, a quiver with arrows, quiver, [MBh.]; [R.] &c.
 n. (once n., [MBh. iii, 11454])
a peacock's tail, [MBh.]; [Pañcat.] &c.
an ornament in general, [Mālav.]
a zone, a string of bells (worn by women round the waist), [L.]
the rope round an elephant's neck, [L.]
क्रिया-क्°   totality, whole body or collection of a number of separate things (esp.ifc.; cf., &c.)
the moon, [L.]
a clever and intelligent man, [L.]
N. of a grammar also called कातन्त्र (supposed to be revealed by कार्त्तिकेय to शर्ववर्मन्)
कलाप-ग्राम   N. of a village (cf.), [VP.]
a poem written in one metre, [W.]
कलाप   b &c. See कला.

कलापः [kalāpḥ]   1 A band, bundle; समित्कलापमादाय प्रविवेश स्वमाश्रमम् [Mb.3.137.1.] मुक्ताकलापस्य च निस्तलस्य [Ku.1.] 42 a round necklace of pearls; रशनाकलापः a zone of several strings.
A group or whole collection of things; अखिलकलाकलापालोचन [K.7.]
A peacock's tail; तं मे जातकलापं प्रेषय मणिकण्ठकं शिखिनम् [V.5.13;] [Pt.2.8.] [Ṛs.1.16,2.14.]
A woman's zone or girdle; (oft. with काञ्ची or रशना &c.) जघनमरुणरत्नग्रन्थिकाञ्चीकलापं कुवलय- नयनाना को विहातुं समर्थः [Bh.1.11.] श्रोणीतटं सुविपुलं रशना- कलापैः [Ṛs.3.2;] [Mk.1.27.]
An ornament in general; [Mb.8.19.29.] 'कलापः संहते बर्हे तूणीरे भूषणे हरे' इति विश्वः
The rope round an elephant's neck.
A quiver.
An arrow.
The moon.
A shrewed and intelligent man.
A poem written in one metre.
A tuft (जटा˚) or knot of braided hair.
-पी   A bundle of grass.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
कलाप  m.  (-पः)
1. An ornament in general.
2. A zone, a string of bells worn by woman round the waist.
3. A peacock's tail.
4. Assem- blage, multitude.
5. A quiver.
6. The moon.
7. A clever and in- telligent man.
8. The name of a grammar of the Sanskrit language, ascribed to the god KARTIKEYA.
9. A village where the destroyer KALKI is to be born.
10. A poem written in one metre.
E. अला an art, a division of time, &c. आप् to obtain, and अण् aff.

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
kalāpa m S An assemblage. In comp. as केश- कलाप, क्रियाकलाप, मुद्राकलाप, पल्लवकलाप, तंतुकलाप, कारणकलाप.

 पु. कटाक्ष ; नेट . ' थोरले मातुश्रीचा कलाप विशेष आहे . तुमचें येणें सत्वर झाले तरी उत्तम नाहीतर मूल तुम्हांस येईल यैसे दिसतें .' - पेद १८ . ८८ . ( सं . कल्प ?)
 पु. १ समुदाय ; समूह ; जमाव . ( सामा . शब्द ) केशकलाप ; मुद्राकलाप ; क्रियाकलाप ; पल्लवकलाप ; तंतुकलाप . ' परि क्रियाकलापु आघवा । ' - ज्ञा ४ . ९५ . २ मय़ुरपिच्छांचा समुदाय . - हंको . ( सं . कलाप )

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
KALĀPA   A powerful sage of great majesty. Yudhiṣṭhira worshipped this sage at the end of the Rājasūyayajña. [Chapter 85, Sabhā Parva].

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 m  An assemblage. A bunch.

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