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(not having, not with, free from) - शिवाय, -विरहीत, -वाचून
(outside) - बाहेर

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Without,prep.विना (with acc., instr., abl.), अंतरेण (with acc.), ऋते (with abl.) वर्जयित्वा, मुक्त्वा, विहाय (with acc.); by अ-निर् -pr., हीन, रहित, वर्जित, व्यतिरेकेण, व्यतिरिक्तं in comp.; ‘w. delay’ अविलंबं; ‘w. doubt’ निःसंशयं, असंशयं; ‘w. money’ धनहीन-रहित, निर्धन.
2 (Before participles) By (अन्); ‘w. burn- -ing’ अदहन्, अदग्ध्वा; ‘w. being marked’ अलक्षित.
3बहिः (with abl.), बहिर्भागे. -adv.बहिः, बाह्यतः; ‘lying w.’ बहिःस्थित.

न्यायव्यवहार  | en  mr |   | 
-शिवाय, -वाचून
- विना

A Dictionary: English and Sanskrit | en  sa |   | 
WITHOUT , prep.
(Not with) विना with instr. or acc. c., ऋते with abl. or acc. c., अन्तरेण with abl. or acc. or gen., अन्तरा,व्यतिरेकेण in comp., व्यतिरिक्तं, पृथक्, अ prefixed;
‘without ornament,’ भूषणेन विना or भूषणं विना;
‘without feeling,’ रसाद् ऋते;
‘without punishment,’ दण्डव्यतिरेकेण, दण्डमन्तरेण;
‘without delay,’ अविलम्बेन;
‘without beginning or end,’ अनाद्यन्तः -न्ता -न्तं;
‘without doubt,’ असंशयं;
‘without reason,’ असम्भावनीयं;
‘without cause,’ प्रयोजनं विना, अकस्मात् or expressed by the loc. abs., असति प्रयोजने. —
(Destitute of) हीनः -ना -नं, विहीनः &c., रहितः -ता -तं, विरहितः &c. or ex- pressed by अ, निर्, वि &c. prefixed;
‘without money,’ धनहीनः -ना -नं, धनरहितः &c., अधनः -ना -नं, निर्धनः &c.;
‘how can I go without you?’ कथं त्वद्विहीनो यास्यामि. —
(Unless, if not, except) यदि न, अन्तरेण with acc., or expressed by the indec. part. with or prefixed;
‘without you do that,’ यदि न तत करोषि or तद् अकृत्वा;
‘without drinking any water,’ पानीयम् अपीत्वा;
‘it cannot be seen without a telescope,’ दूरदर्शकयन्त्रमन्तरेण न दृश्यते;
‘this cannot be ascertained without algebra,’ वीजगणितम् अन्तरेण न ज्ञायतेतत्. —
(On the outside of) वहिस्, वहिर्भागे, अन्तरेण;
‘without the fort,’ दुर्गवहिस्, दुर्गवहिर्भागे, दुर्गादन्तरेण.
WITHOUT , adv.
(Not within) वहिस्, अवस्. —
(Externally) वाह्यतस्.

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