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षष्ठी  f. af. See below
षष्ठी  f. bf. the sixth day of a lunar fortnight, [MBh.] ; [Hariv.] &c.
a partic.तिथि when homage is offered to the sixth lunar digit, [MW.]
the sixth or genitive case, [ŚrS.] ; [Nir.] &c.
N. of a partic. brick the length of which equals the 6th part of a man, [Śulbas.]
the personification of a portion of प्रकृति, [Cat.]
N. of a personification of the sixth day after the birth of a child (when the chief danger for mother and child is over)
N. of a divine mother or goddess often regarded as a form of दुर्गा (supposed to protect children and worshipped on the sixth day after delivery), [NṛsUp.] ; [Saṃskārak.]
इन्द्र-सेना   = , [NṛsUp.] ; [RTL. 229.]

षष्ठी [ṣaṣṭhī]   1 The sixth day of a lunar fortnight.
The sixth or genitive case (in gram.)
An epithet of Durgā in the form of Kātyāyanī, one of the 16 divine mothers.
A goddess worshipped on the sixth day of child-birth (Mar. सटवाई); गणेशं जन्मदां षष्ठीं देवीं जीवन्तिकामपि [Śiva.B.6.48.] -Comp.
-तत्पुरुषः   the genitive Tatpuruṣa compound, one in which, when dissolved, the first member usually stands in the genitive case.
-पूजनम्, -पूजा   worship of the goddess षष्ठी performed on the sixth day after a woman's delivery.

ना.  कान उघडणी , खरडपट्टी ,

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 f  The sixth day of either half-month.

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