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ज्येष्ठ  m. amfn. ([Pāṇ. 5-3, 61] ) most excellent, pre-eminent, first, chief. best, greatest, (m.) the chief, [RV.] &c. (ifc. [e.g.वचन-, ‘best in speech’ [Kāś.] ] [Pāṇ. 6-2, 25] )
more excellent than (abl.), [MBh. xiii, 7205]
पद   (in math. with or मूल) greatest (root [square root] extracted from the quantity operated upon)
°ष्ठ  m. ([Pāṇ. 5-3, 62] ; ) eldest, (m.) the eldest brother, [RV. iv, 33, 5; x, 11, 2] ; [AV.] &c.
ज्येष्ठ  m. m. (scil.घट) the ascending bucket (in a machine for raising water), [Kuval. 46]
ज्यैष्ठ   for , [VarBṛS.] ; [Rājat.]
N. of a man, [MBh. xii, 13593]
ज्येष्ठ  n. n. what is most excellent, [RV. x, 120, 1] ; [AV.] (also oxyt.)
tin, [L.]
N. of a लिङ्ग, [LiṅgaP. i, 1, 3]
पुष्कर   with See °ष्ठ-प्°
ज्येष्ठ  f. bf(, [L.] , ). a small house-lizard (also ज्यैष्ठी, [W.] ), [Tithyād.]

ज्येष्ठ [jyēṣṭha] a.  a. (Superl. of प्रशस्य or वृद्ध)
Eldest, most senior.
Most excellent, best.
Pre-eminent, first, chief, highest.
ष्ठः An elder brother; [R.12.19,35.]
An epithet of the Supreme Being.
 N. N. a lunar month (= ज्यैष्ठ q. v.).
ष्ठा An eldest sister.
 N. N. of the eighteenth lunar mansion (consisting of the three stars).
The middle finger.
A small house-lizard.
An epithet of the Ganges.
The goddess of misfortune, elder sister of Lakṣmī; ज्येष्ठा च माया कलहश्च दम्भः [Bhāg.1.17.32.]
-ष्ठी   A small houselizard.
ष्ठम् The most excellent, the first or head.
Comp. अंशः eldest brother's share.
the right of the eldest brother to a larger share of the patrimonial property.
the best share.
-अम्बु  n. n.
water in which grain has been washed.
the scum of boiled rice.
आश्रमः the highest or most excellent order in the religious life of a Brāhmaṇa; i. e. that of a householder; तस्माज्ज्येष्ठाश्रमो गृही [Ms.3.78.]
a householder.
-कलशः  N. N. of Bilhaṇa's father.
-तातः   a father's eldest brother.
-तातिः  f. f. Ved. superiority.
-राज्  m. m. a Sovereign; ज्येष्ठराजं ब्रह्मणां ब्रह्मणस्पते [Rv.2.23.1.]
-ललिता   A particular vow to be observed in the month of Jye&stodṭha.
वर्णः the highest caste (that of Brāhmaṇas).
a Brāhmaṇa.
-वृत्तिः  f. f. the duties of seniority. -श्वश्रूःf.
a wife's eldest sister.
the eldest mother-in-law.-सामन् n. N. of a particular Sāman; ब्रह्मदेयात्मसंतानो ज्येष्ठसामग एव च [Ms.3.185.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
ज्येष्ठ  mfn.  (-ष्ठः-ष्ठा-ष्ठी-ष्ठं)
1. Best, most excellent, pre-eminent.
2. Very old, oldest.
3. most senior Elder, elder born.
 f.  (-ष्ठा)
1. One of the aste risms, considered as lunar mansions; the eighteenth, comprising three stars, of which one is a Scorpionis, figured by a ring or ear- ring.
2. The middle finger.
3. Misfortune, personified as a goddess. 4. The Ganges, (-ष्ठा or ष्ठी) A small house lizard.
 m.  (-ष्ठः) The month Jyeshtha or Jeyte, (May-June.)
 n.  (-ष्ठं) Age, oldness.
E. ज्या to decay, to grow infirm or old, affix इष्ठन्, fem. affixes टाप् and ङीष्.

वि.  अनुभवी , थोर , नोकरीत ज्येष्ठ , वडील वयाने मोठा ;
वि.  उत्कृष्ट , उत्तम , श्रेष्ठ ;
वि.  आदरणीय , महान , माननीय , मान्यवर , सन्मान्य .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
The third month of the Hindú year, May-June,
Elder. 2 S Best, most excellent, preeminent.

 पु. हिंदू वर्षांतील तिसरा महिना . - वि . १ सर्वांत वयानें मोठा ; वडील ; ( भावंडांमध्यें ) वयानें थोर . २ उत्तम ; उत्कृष्ट ; श्रेष्ठ . [ सं . ] ज्येष्ठलय - पु . ( ताल . ) विलंबित लय पहा .
०वारसाचा   ज्येष्ठांश पहा . ( इं . ) प्रायमॉजेनीचर लॉ .
कायदा   ज्येष्ठांश पहा . ( इं . ) प्रायमॉजेनीचर लॉ .
०मंगल  न. विवाह किंवा उपनयन संस्कार . [ सं . ]
०मध   ज्येष्ठीमध - पुस्त्री . एक औषधी वनस्पतीचें मूळ ; हा गोड असतो . याचा अर्क खोकल्यावर देतात .
०वड  स्त्री. ज्येष्ठाचा काल ; सबंध ज्येष्ठ महिना ( आठवडा पंधरवडा यासारखा बनलेला शब्द ).

ज्येष्ठ n.  एक ब्रह्मर्षि तथा ज्येष्ठ साम का कर्ता । बर्हिषद से वेदपारग ज्येष्ठ ऋषि को सात्वतधर्म प्राप्त हुआ । इसके साम श्रीहरी को अत्यंत प्रिय थे । अविकंपन राजा को सात्वतधर्म इसी ब्रह्मर्षि से प्राप्त हुआ । [म.शां.३३६.४२]

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
JYEṢṬHA   A hermit who was well-versed in the Sāma- Veda. This ancient hermit once received valuable advice from the Sātvatas called Barhiṣads. [M.B. Śānti Parva, Chapter 348, Stanza 46] .

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