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A Sanskrit English Dictionary | sa  en |   | 
जगन्—नाथ  m. m. ‘world-lord’, विष्णु or कृष्ण, [MBh. ii, 779; iii, 15529]
राम (as incarnation of विष्णु), [R. i, 19, 3]
दत्तत्रेय (as incarnation of विष्णु), [MārkP. xviii, 29]
du.विष्णु and शिव, [Hariv. 14394]
N. of a celebrated idol of विष्णु and its shrine (at पुरी in Orissa, [RTL. p.59]), [Tantr.]
N. of the authors (of रेखा-गणित; of [Bhām.]; of रस-गङ्गाधर; of the विवाद-भङ्गार्णव compiled at the end of the last century)

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
जगन्नाथ  m.  (-थः) A form of VISHNU.
E. जगत् the universe, and नाथ lord; a peculiar and celebrated idol of this name is worshipped on the Coromandal coast, in Orissa, and pilgrimages are made to the shrine of JAGANNATHA from all parts of India.

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
is one's god. Used in affirming or in inculcating self-sufficiency and self-reliance.

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
JAGANNĀTHA PAṆḌITA   A very powerful and ruthless literary critic in Sanskrit. He lived between 1590 and 1665. He is also known as Paṇḍitarāja (King of scholars). His most important and well-known work is Rasagaṅgādhara. To this day it remains as an invaluable treasure in rhetorics. (Alaṅkāra Śāstra). His poetic theory is “Ramaṇīyārthapratipādakaḥ Śabdaḥ Kāvyam”. (Words which convey beautiful meanings constitute poetry). He vehemently opposed the dhvani vāda (suggestive words and phrases conveying more meanings produce more rasa than they literally and apparently appear to carry). Citramīmāṁsā- Khaṇḍana is another work of the Paṇḍitarāja. In this work another rhetorician named Appayadīkṣita is strongly criticised. The allegoric poem, “Bhāminīvilāsam”, is supposed to have been written by this great rhetorician based on the untimely death of his wife, Bhāminī. He has also written five other works, the five Laharīs [Gaṅgālaharī etc].

आपला हात अन्‌ जगन्नाथ
आपल्‍या हातांत सत्ता असली व आपणावर कोणाचे नियत्रण नसले म्‍हणजे जणूं सर्व जगाची मालकी आपणाकडे आहे असे वाटूं लागून वाटेल ते करण्याची मुभा असते. स्‍वार्थ साधून घेणार्‍या माणसाबद्दल वापरतात.

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