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गिर्ीश  m. 1.m. ‘lord of speech’, N. of बृहस्पति (regent of the planet Jupiter), [L.]
गिरीश  m. 2.m. (= °री-न्द्र) a high mountain
N. of the हिमवत्, [L.]
‘mountain-lord’, शिव, [MBh. xiii, 6348]; [Kum.]
one of the 11 रुद्रs, [Yājñ. ii, 102/103, 34]
गिर्-ईश   a1 and 2गिरी-श. See 1.गि॑र् and 3.गिरि॑.
See also: गिर् - ईश

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गिरीश  m.  (-शः)
1. A name of SIVA.
2. A name of Himalaya, the snowy mountains on the north of Hindustan, or the range personified
3. A name of VRIHASPATI.
E. गिरि a mountain, (or in the last mean- ing, गिर् speech,) and ईश lord.

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