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हिंस्र  mfn. mf(आ॑)n. injurious, mischievous, hurtful, destructive, murderous, cruel, fierce, savage (ifc. ‘acting injuriously towards’), [RV.] &c. &c.
हिंस्र  m. m. a man who delights in injuring living creatures, [Mn. iii, 164]
a savage animal, beast of prey, [Ragh.]
N. of शिव, [MBh.]
of भीम-सेन, [L.]
of a certain cruel Brāhman, [Hariv.]
हिंस्र  n. n. cruelty, [Mn. i, 29.]

हिंस्र [hiṃsra] a.  a. [हिंस्-र्] Injurious, noxious, mischievous, hurtful, murderous; व्याधिता वाधिवेत्तव्या हिंस्रार्थघ्री च सर्वदा [Ms.9.8;12.56.]
Cruel, fierce, savage.
स्रः A fierce animal, beast of prey; सा दुष्प्रधर्षा मनसापि हिंस्रैः [R.2.27.]
A destroyer.
 N. N. of Śiva.
 N. N. of Bhīma.
A man who delights in injuring living creatures; [Ms.3.164.]
-स्रम्   Cruelty; [Ms.1.29.] -Comp.
-जन्तुः, -पशुः   a beast of prey.
यन्त्रम् a trap.
a mystical text used for malevolent purposes.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
हिंस्र  mfn.  (-स्रः-स्रा-स्रं)
1. Mischievous, hurtful, injurious.
2. Murderous. 3. Terrible.
4. Fierce, cruel, savage.
 m.  (-स्रः)
2. ŚIVA.
3. A beast of prey.
4. A destroyer.
 f.  (-स्रा)
1. Spikenard, (Valeriana Jatāmansi.)
2. A vein, a nerve.
E. हिसि to hurt, Unādi aff. रक् .

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
  Murderous, bloody. Ferocious, cruel.

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