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हायन  mfn. 1.mf( or )n. (for 2. See p. 1297, col. 1) quitting, leaving, [MW.]
passing away, ib.
हायन  f. 2.mn. (accord. to native authorities fr. √ 1. or 2. हा; but cf.हयन) a year (ifc.f(). , and accord. to [Pat.] on [Pāṇ. 4-1, 27] also f(). ), [AV.] &c. &c.
हायन  m. m. a sort of red rice (pl. its grains), [MaitrS.]; [ŚBr.]; KātyŚr.
a flame, ray, [L.]
हायन  mfn. mfn. lasting a year or returning every year (applied to तक्मन्, q.v.), [AV.]

हायनः [hāyanḥ] नम् [nam]   नम् a. A year; त्रस्तैकहायनकुरङ्गविलोलदृष्टेः [U.3.] 28; [Māl.4.8.]
नः A kind of rice.
A flame.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
हायन  mn.  (-नः-नं) A year.
 m.  (-नः)
1. A flame, a ray.
2. A sort of rice.
E. हा to go or like, ल्युट् aff., युक् augment.

 न. वर्ष . तेरा पळेंहि नसती माता हें हायन चबदावें हो । - मोउद्योग ७ . ५१ . [ सं . ]

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