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सम्-भृत  mfn. mfn. brought together, collected, assembled, accumulated, concentrated, [RV.] &c. &c.
See also: सम् - भृत
provided, stored, laden, filled, covered, furnished or endowed with, possessed of (instr. or comp.), [AV.] &c. &c.
carried, borne (in the womb), [MBh.]
well maintained or nourished, [RV.]; [R.]
honoured, respected, [BhP.]
produced, effected, caused, made, prepared, [ŚBr.]; [Kālid.]; [Suśr.]
loud, shrill (as a sound), [MBh. vii, 3911]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
सम्भृत  mfn.  (-तः-ता-तं)
1. Collected, assembled.
2. Gained, got, possessed of.
3. Filled, full.
4. Complete, ready, prepared.
5. Nourished maintained.
6. Carried.
E. सम् before भृ to nourish, &c., aff. क्त .

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