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वि—हस्त  f. mfn. without a hand or trunk, handless, [Naiṣ.] (-ताf., [Śiś.])
See also: वि - हस्त
अ-विह्°   unhandy, inexperienced (See )
See also: - विह्°
-ता  f. confounded, perplexed, helpless, [Kād.]; [Naiṣ.] (f., [Śiś.]; [Hcar.])
See also: ता
(ifc.) completely absorbed in [Ragh.]
adroit, skilled, experienced (in; comp.), [Hariv.]
wise, learned, [W.]
वि—हस्त  m. m. a eunuch, [L.]
See also: वि - हस्त

विहस्त [vihasta]   a.
Confounded, bewildered, overpowered, made powerless; मालतीमुखावलोकनविहस्ततया [Māl.1;] [R.5.49;] पितामहस्तामालोक्य विहस्तामस्थिरां स्थिराम् [Śiva.B.5.47;] शाहराजात्मज शिशो विहाय स्वां विहस्तताम्ibid 21.23.
Disabled, incapacitated (for doing the proper work); रुजाविहस्तचरणम् [M.4.]
Adroit, skilled.
Learned, wise.
-स्तः   A eunuch.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
विहस्त  mfn.  (-स्तः-स्ता-स्तं)
1. Confounded, perplexed, bewildered.
2. Wise, learned.
E. वि without, हस्त a hand; helpless, &c.
See also: वि - हस्त

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