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रागिन्  mfn. mf(इणी)n. (fr.रञ्ज्, and राग) coloured, having a partic. colour (applied to a kind of Amaurosis or blindness when it affects the second membrane of the eye, as opp. to अ-रागिन्, which affects the first), [Suśr.]
colouring, dyeing, [L.]
red, of a red colour, [Pañcat.]; [Kathās.]
impassioned, affectionate, enamoured, passionately fond of or attached to or hankering after (loc. or comp.), [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
gladdening, delighting, [Mālatīm.]
रागिन्  m. m. a painter, [L.]
a lover, libertine, ib.
a sort of grain, [L.]

रागिन् [rāgin] a.  a. [राग-इनि]
Coloured, dyed.
Colouring. painting.
Full of passion or feeling, impassioned; रागिणापि विहिता तव भक्त्या [Ki.18.27.]
Full of love, subject to love.
Passionately fond of, devotedly attached to, desirous of, yearning after (at the end of comp.); रागी कर्मफलप्रेप्सुः [Bg.18.27.]
Delighting, rejoicing. -m.
A painter.
A lover; एको रागिषु राजते प्रियतमादेहार्धहारी हरः [Bh.3.121.]
A libertine, sensualist.
णी A modification of a musical mode (राग), of which 3 or 36 kinds are enumerated.
A wanton and intriguing woman, a lustful woman.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
रागिन्  mfn.  (-गी-गिणी-गि)
1. Passionate, impassioned.
2. Colouring, painting.
3. Coloured, dyed.
 m.  (-गी)
1. A dyer, a painter.
2. A libertine, a lover.
 f.  (-णी)
1. A shrewd and intriguing woman.
2. A modification of a musical mode of which five are assigned to each mode; in mythology, personified as a female, and the wife of the Rāga.
E. राग passion, इनि aff., or रञ्ज् to colour, &c., घिनुण् aff.

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