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रमा  f. af. See s.v.
रमा  f. bf. of रमq.v.
a wife, mistress, [W.]
N. of लक्ष्मी, the goddess of fortune, [Bhartṛ.]; [BhP.]
good luck, fortune, splendour, opulence, [Cāṇ.]
splendour, pomp, [Bhām.]
N. of the 11th day in the dark half of the month कार्त्तिक, [Cat.]
शॄम्   of the syllable (also रम), [Sarvad.]
of a daughter of शशि-ध्वज and wife of कल्कि, [KalkiP.]

रमा [ramā]   [रमयति रम्-अच्]
A wife, mistress.
 N. N. of Lakṣmī, wife of Viṣṇu and Goddess of wealth; रमा यत्र न वाक् तत्र यत्र वाक् तत्र ना रमा Udb.
Good luck, fortune.
 N. N. of the eleventh day in the dark half of Kārtika. -Comp.
-आस्पदः, -कान्तः, -नाथः, -पतिः   epithets of Viṣṇu; [Bhāg.1.] 55.4.
-प्रियः   Viṣṇu. (-यम्) a lotus.
-वेष्टः   turpentine.

लक्ष्मी .
शोभा . [ सं . ]
०कांत   नाथ नायक पति रमण वर -
विष्णु . रमारमणीं एकांती । मीनल्या काम नुपजे चित्तीं । - एरुस्व ७ . ५८ .
( उप . सांकेतिक ) रडणें ; आरडणें ( दोन्ही शब्दांत आरंभी र आहे ). [ सं . ]
०कांत   - ( विष्णूचें ध्यान , पूजा , आराधना करणें . )
आळविणें   - ( विष्णूचें ध्यान , पूजा , आराधना करणें . )
( उप . ) रडणें ; भेकणें .
पोरांप्रमाणें असहाय्यतेनें ओरडणें .
रमणे गमणें ; रेंगाळणें .
०बंधु  पु. चंद्र . [ सं . ] रमिक वि . ( ना . ) रमणीय .

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
RAMĀ   A synonym for Mahālakṣmī. There is a story in the eighth Skandha of Devī Bhāgavata as to how the name Ramā came to be attached to Lakṣmī. Revanta, the very handsome son of Sūrya one day came to Vaikuṇṭha mounted on his horse Uccaiśśravas to pay his respects to Mahāviṣṇu. Even Lakṣmīdevī stood aghast speechless for a very short time at the charm of Revanta changing her looks between him and his horse. Mahāviṣṇu did not at all like this and cursed that since Lakṣmī's eyes enjoyed the sight of some one she would come to be called Ramā also and that she would be born as a mare on earth.

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