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LAKSHMĪ , s. (The goddess of fortune or prosperity, wife of the god Vishnu. She is said also to preside over beauty; and in this respect, as well as in the story of her birth, agrees in character with Venus. She was born, according to the usual account, from the ocean, when churned by the gods and Asuras; and emerged from the foam of the sea, seated on a full-blown lotus, and holding a lotus in her hand. Her countenance is represented as in- comparably beautiful. As presiding over abundance she resembles Ceres. She is by some considered to be the daughter of Daksha, and by others of Bhrigu. Some- times she is regarded as the wife of Dharma. As god- dess of prosperity she is called) लक्ष्मीःf., श्रीःf.
(As wife of Vishnu) विष्णुवल्लभा, हरिप्रिया, वैष्णवी. —
(The ocean-born) जलधिजा, क्षीराब्धिजा, क्षीराब्धितनया. —
(As seated on and holding the lotus, or as identified with this flower, which is the symbol of prosperity) पद्मा, कमला, पद्मालया,पद्मवासा, पद्मस्नुषा. — (As wife of Vishnu in the avatār of Krishna) रुक्मिणी. — (As mother of Kāmadeva) माया. — (As wife of Nārāyana) नारायणी. — (As wife of Vishnu in the avatār of Rāmachandra) सीता. —
(As mother of the world) लोकमाताf.(तृ), माता. — (As wife of Vishnu in the Varāha avatār) वाराही. — (The fickle one, a name applied to Lakṣmī as goddess of fortune) चपला, चञ्चला, चला,लोला. —
(As identified with a celebrated Apsaras) रम्भा. Other names of this goddess are, रमा, इन्दिरा, मा, नेत्री,हीरा, लञ्जा.


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hinमहालक्ष्मी , सान्वी , सांवी

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