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A Sanskrit English Dictionary | Sanskrit  English
यातव्य  f. 1.mfn. to be gone or marched (n.impers.), [MBh.] ; [Hariv.] (°व्यायind. for departure, [Kām.] ; -ताf. the necessity for setting out on a journey, ib.)
to be marched against, to be attacked or assailed, [Mālav.]
यातव्य  mfn. 2.mf()n. (fr.यातु॑) serviceable against witchcraft or against राक्षसs, [MaitrS.] ; [Kāṭh.] (cf.[Pāṇ. 4-4, 121] ).
यातव्य   a 1. 2. . See p. 849, col. 2.


Shabda-Sagara | Sanskrit  English
यातव्य  mfn.  (-व्यः-व्या-व्यं)
1. To be gone.
2. To be gone against, to be attacked or invaded.
E. या to go, तव्य aff.
या तव्य

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