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बुद्धीन्द्रिय  n. n. an organ of sense or perception (5 in number, viz. eye, ear, nose, tongue, and skin, opp. to, कर्मे-न्द्रियाणिq.v.; मनस्, ‘the mind’ belonging to both; cf.इन्द्रिय), [Mn.]; [Kap.]; [Suśr.] &c. (cf.[IW. 84 n. 1]).

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
बुद्धीन्द्रिय  n.  (-यं) An organ of intellect, as the mind, eye, ear, nose, tongue, and skin.
E. बुद्धि understanding and इन्द्रिय an organ.

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