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प्र-वचन  m. m. one who exposes, propounds, [BhP.]
See also: प्र - वचन
प्र-वचन  n. n. speaking, talking, [Pañcat.]
See also: प्र - वचन
सांख्य-प्रवचन-भाष्य   recitation, oral instruction, teaching, expounding, exposition, interpretation (cf.), [ŚBr.]; [Up.]; [PārGṛ.]; [RPrāt.] &c.
announcement, proclamation, [Lāṭy.]
excellent speech or language, eloquence, [W.]
an expression, term, [Nir.]
a system of doctrines propounded in a treatise or dissertation
sacred writings (esp. the ब्राह्मणs or the वेदाङ्गs), [Mn.]; [MBh.]; [Hariv.] &c. (cf.[IW. 145])
the of Buddhists (ninefold), [Dharmas. 62]
the of the जैनs, [Hemac.] Sch.
अम्   (, enclitic after a finite verb g.गोत्रा-दि)

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प्रवचन  n.  (-नं)
1. A Veda, scripture.
2. Excellent speech or language, eloquence.
3. Teaching, expounding, exposition.
4. Declaration.
E. प्र principal, वचन speech.
See also: प्र - वचन

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