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पुरो—√ धा   aP.Ā.-दधाति, -धत्ते, (Ā.) to place before or at the head, to appoint (esp. to priestly functions), charge, commission, [RV.] &c. &c.;
to propose (as a prize), [RV. v, 86, 5] ;
(P.) to place foremost, value highly, esteem, honour, be intent upon or zealous for, take to heart, [RV.] ; &c.
पुरो—धा  f. bf. charge, commission, (esp.) the rank and office of a पुरोहित, [TS.] ; [AV.] ; [Br.]
See also: पुरो - धा

पुरोधा [purōdhā]   3 U. To place or put in the front or at the head, make as a leader; तुरासाहं पुरोधाय धाम स्वायंभुवं ययुः [Ku.2.1;] [R.12.43.]
To make a family-priest of any one.
To appoint, place in office.
To entrust or charge with.
To place or set before or in front to.
To honour, esteem, respect.
To devote or apply oneself to.
To think, ponder over.
पुरोधा [purōdhā]   1 The office of a purohita.
Charge, commission.

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