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पणव  f. m. (prob.fr.प्र-णव) a small drum or a kind of cymbal (used to accompany singing), [MBh.] ; [Kāv.] (also f(). , [L.] )
पन्°   a kind of metre, [Col.] (v.l.)
N. of a prince, [VP.]

पणवः [paṇavḥ]   A kind of musical instrument, a small drum or tabor; [Bg.1.13;] [Śi.13.5;] गुरु-पणव-वेणु-गुञ्जाभेरी...... [Bk.18.45.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
पणव  mf.  (-वः-वा) A sort of musical instrument; a small drum or tabor.
E. पण् business or price, वा to sound, aff. क; it is also read प्रणव.

पणव n.  (सो. क्रोष्टु.) एक राजा । वायु के अनुसार यह भजमान का पुत्र था ।

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