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नि-°यन्तृ  n. m. who or what holds in or restrains or governs or tames, &c., [MBh.]; [R.] &c. (-त्वn., [Vedântas.])
नि-°यन्तृ  m. m. a restrainer, governor, tamer (esp. of horses), charioteer, [MBh.]; [Ragh.]

नियन्तृ [niyantṛ]  m. m.
A charioteer, driver; नियन्तरि व्याकुलमुक्त- रज्जुके [Śi.12.24.]
A governor, ruler, master, regulator; न व्यतीयुः प्रजास्तस्य नियन्तुर्नेमिवृत्तयः [R.1.17;15.51.]
A punisher, chastiser.
The Supreme Being.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
नियन्तृ  mfn.  (-न्ता-न्त्री-न्तृ) Who or what restrains, governs, or guides
 m.  (-न्ता)
1. A charioteer, a coachman.
2. A ruler, a governor, a mas- ter.
3. A punisher.
E. नि before यम् to restrain, affix तृच्.

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