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See also:  निगदु
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नि-°गद  m. m. reciting, audible recitation, a prayer or sacrificial formula recited aloud, [Br.]; [ŚrS.] &c.
See also: नि - °गद
mention, mentioning, [Bādar.]
speech, discourse, [W.]
N. of wk.
नि-°गद  mn. mn. a partic. potion, [Car.]
See also: नि - °गद

निगदः [nigadḥ] निगादः [nigādḥ]   निगादः 1 Recitation, audible recitation of prayers.
A prayer repeated aloud.
Speech, discourse.
Learning anything without knowing the meaning; यदधीतमविज्ञातं निगदेनैव शब्द्यते [Nir.]
Mention, mentioning; इति निगदेनैव व्याख्यातम्.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
निगद  m.  (-दः)
1. Speech, speaking, discource.
2. Audible recitation of prayers or charms.
E. नि affirmative prefix, गद speech. अच् aff.
See also: नि - गद - अच्

वि.  निरोगी . [ सं . नि + गद = रोग ]

निगद (पार्णवल्कि) n.  एक वैदिक ऋषि । यह पर्णवल्क का वंशज एवं गिरिशर्मन् कण्ठिविद्धि का शिष्य था [वं.ब्रा.१]

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