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gulikḥ, gulika

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GULIKA   A hunter who was given mokṣa by the sage Uttaṅga. This hunter once made an attempt to steal the gold plates on the roof of the Viṣṇu temple at the palace of Sauvīra. Uttaṅga was present at the temple then and, Gulika tried to kill the sage. The sage cursed him and killed him. Taking pity on him later Uttaṅga sprinkled some water from the river Gaṅgā, on him and the hunter attained Vaikuṇṭha. (Nāradīya Purāna).
गुलिकः [gulikḥ]   1 N. of a minor planet (The son of Saturn).
Having a poisoned weapon (= hunter),
 N. N. of a country.
A quarter-elephant; गुलिको मन्दतनये रस- बद्धास्त्रदेशयोः । दिङ्नागे ...... [Nm.]
गुलिक  m. m.N. of a hunter, [BṛNārP. xxxv]

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