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गिरिका  f. f. ‘making hills (?)’, a mouse, [L.]
चण्ड-ग्°   N. of the wife of वसु (daughter of the mountain कोलाहल and of the river शक्तिमती), [MBh. i 2371]; [Hariv. 1805] (cf..)

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
गिरिका  f.  (-का) A small rat, a mouse.
E. कन् added to गिरि the same.

गिरिका n.  एक पर्वतकन्या । कोलाहल पर्वत को शुक्तिमती नदी से जुडवॉं अपत्य हुए । उनमें से यह गिरिका नामक कन्या शुक्तिमती नदी ने उपरिचर वसु को दी । बाद में राजा ने इस के साथ विवाह किया । उससे इसे बृहद्रथ आदि छः पुत्र, तथा काली अथवा मत्स्यगंधिनी नामक कन्या हुई [म.आ.५७]

Puranic Encyclopaedia  | en  en |   | 
GIRIKĀ   Wife of Uparicaravasu. This gem of a lady was the daughter of the river Śuktimatī. There is a story behind her marrying Uparicara. Śuktimatī was a river flowing through the capital city of the kingdom of Uparicara. Once the mountain Kolāhala driven by amorous desires subdued Śuktimatī. The next morning on finding no river in its place the people were surprised. The news reached the ears of the King. He became furious and rushing to the mountain gave it a hard kick. It created a hole in the mountain and the river flowed through it. But by that time Kolāhala had got a son and a daughter of Śuktimatī. Greatly pleased at the King for setting her free from Kolāhala, Śuktimatī gave her children to the King. The King brought up the son and made him the chief of his army. The girl was brought up and named Girikā and when she was of marriagable age the King married her. When once Girikā was having her monthly period the King was forced to go to the forests for hunting. While in the forests he saw the animals having sexual acts and as he thought of Girikā at home he had emission. He never wanted to waste the seminal fluid. He wrapped it in a leaf and sent it to his wife through a kite. Another kite thinking it to be something to eat attacked the packet and it fell into a river down below. A fish swallowed it and later when a fisherman caught it and opened its belly a boy and a girl came out of it. The girl was Satyavatī mother of Vyāsa. [10th Skandha, Devī Bhāgavata].

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