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क्रुष्ट - kruṣṭa

क्रुष्ट [kruṣṭa] p.p. p.  p. p.
Cried out.
Called out to.
Called at, abused. -ष्टम्
Crying, a cry, yell.
A noise, sound.
क्रुष्ट  mfn. mfn. calling or crying at (acc.), scolding, [MBh. xiii, 2135]
called at, abused, [Buddh.]
cried, wept, [W.]
cried aloud, bawled, [W.]
-तम   clamorous, loud (said of a particular स्वर), [SāmavBr.] (also superl.), [TPrāt.]
See also: - तम

क्रुष्ट  n. n. crying, weeping, sobbing, noise, [L.]

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